What is Bioheat® Fuel?

Bioheat® fuel is a 2% to 5% blend of biodiesel (ASTM D6751) with standard heating oil. Biodiesel itself is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic renewable resources like plant oils, animal fats and used cooking oils. Biodiesel is not straight, unprocessed oils, but a refined product, produced under strict and controlled specifications.

Biodiesel can be freely blended with conventional petroleum heating oil and is fully soluble. Oil burners sold in the U.S. are UL listed for use with Bioheat meeting ASTM D396 and Bioheat has been endorsed by the Oil Manufacturers Association. For more information on Bioheat® fuel, visit mybioheat.com.

Where does Biodiesel come from?

Currently 47% of Biodiesel is commonly made from soybean oil. Another 14% is corn oil derived from a high nutrient livestock feed and co-product of ethanol production. 13% comes from animal fats and the remainder is a combination of canola oil, yellow grease, brown grease, and other materials. The majority of the materials are EPA approved. There are constantly new sources being explored, such as pennycress, algae, jatropha, palm oil, low ricin castor, and seashore mallow.

Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel

Since Bioheat® fuel is a 2% to 5% blend of biodiesel, it is a clean burning alternative fuel.


Biodiesel, when blended up to 5% with petroleum heating oil, meets ASTM D396 heating oil standards and is virtually indistinguishable from 100% heating oil. 


Pure biodiesel is controlled for stability, nozzle coking, and water and sediment content. Biodiesel has naturally superior lubricity and is used as an additive to petroleum fuels to improve lubricity. 


Biodiesel is naturally low in sulfur, reduces black smoke, and does not contribute to deposits in appliances. Biodiesel’s exhaust is more pleasant, and handling biodiesel is similar to handling the oils or fats it is made from.

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KPMA Heating Kentucky Rebate Program

The KPMA Heating Kentucky Rebate Program is offered through the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association. KPMA understands that your new heating equipment is an investment in your future and we want to make it possible for every Kentucky homeowner to enjoy the long-term savings that come with new, higher-efficiency heating equipment. Research has shown that property owners with new, higher-efficiency heating equipment are more satisfied with their comfort level and fuel choice. And comfort and satisfaction are what turns a house into a home.

Rebates must be processed through an approved Heating Kentucky Dealer. Other terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. See Heating Kentucky Dealer for details.